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Adorable Kittens at Play Wristlet Keychain

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Adorable Kittens at Play Wristlet Keychain
Adorable Kittens at Play Wristlet Keychain
Adorable Kittens at Play Wristlet Keychain

Do you love adorable kittens?  If you do you will love this wristlet keychain!

If you are owned by a frisky kitten then you know what the midnight sprints down the hall way and the plaintive meows letting you know that there is just not enough kibble in the full bowl, you are a cat person!  Join us in celebrating the joy, humor and sometimes irritation of being a cat servant with this cute handmade wristlet keychain.  Only someone who has had this unique experience knows the truth, that you would do anything for your furbaby to hear them purr and knit while they cuddle in your lap.  

 We offer two sizes for this wristlet, one for you and one as a gift for a friend!  The large is approximately 6 inches long and the smaller version is approximately 3 inches in length.  

Key-chain priced with charms and beads, if you wish to have one without the added pieces, please message us.

All key-chains are home-made therefore there may be some variances to placement of ribbon and crystal bead shapes.  Each piece is finished with specially chosen beads and a charm that complements the theme of the ribbon, resulting in a key chain that is truly unique!

These vibrant, handmade fob key-chains are created with sturdy, 100% cotton webbing on the underside, and a beautifully designed color-coordinated grosgrain ribbon on top.

The lovely silver metal finish and the environmentally friendly 1" cotton webbing won’t chafe or irritate skin. Since no two keychains are exactly alike, the grosgrain ribbon may vary between depending on the design.

All key-chains have small parts that could be a choking hazard, so they are not recommended for small children.

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