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Giving Back

Aside from creating lovely quality gifts, Craft-Tea Cottage is also passionate about promoting kindness and giving back.  Kindness is a simple gift you can give to anyone and it literally costs us nothing to give it.  We truly cannot understand how one moment of kindness can affect another person, it may change a bad day to a good day, it may cause another person to share a little kindness of their own creating a ripple effect and it could just make us feel better for doing it.

Another form of kindness is to give to organizations and charities that focus on doing for others every day.  These places and people do work that make a difference constantly, every minute, for others with the sole benefit of helping one another.  This to us is kindness magnified.  We, with your help, want to support these commitments by others to make our world a better place to live. There are specific products designated within Craft-Tea Cottage, that when purchase by you, a dollar will be collected and disbursed to these wonderful organizations.  With every grouping of $10, a check will be cut to that charity.  You will be helping to continue and bring awareness of the amazing work they are doing. 

We have added a little description to each of the places that the Craft-Tea Cottage and you will be aiding with your purchase and donation.  Feel free to visit their websites to find out even more about them and explore more ways that you can make a difference with them.

  • Any purchases of cat themes items, $1 for each item will be donated to Feline Friends New Hampshire. We hold a special place for this organization as they rescued our two baby boys, Sam and Dean, and made it possible for them to be a part of our family, in which we will be forever grateful.

FFNH is a no-kill, non-profit organization with a 501c(3) status.  Feline Friends is an all-volunteer organization that uses foster homes to protect and reduce the number of homeless cats by rescuing them.  After they have spent some time in foster care and are medically and emotionally ready for new homes, Feline Friends work with an adoption center located at a Petsmart store in New Hampshire.  We can attest to the fact that these people love what they do and we love them for doing it!


  • All dog themed items purchased through Craft-Tea Cottage will have $1 from the purchase go towards Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland. Again this is a very special place to us here at Craft-Tea Cottage as they brought our Daisy girl into our lives.  She was rescued from a kill shelter in Georgia and bought to ARLGP and the moment she stepped into our lives, it was changed forever for the better!

The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland is a lifesaving organization.  They are a temporary care and shelter facility for abandoned, stray confiscated and relinquished animals. They actively promote adoption to caring homes and reducing animal overpopulation through education, spaying and neutering.  They are true to their word when it comes to no-kill shelter, everything possible is done to help their charges.  There are no time limits and everything is done to ensure that the animals have the highest opportunities at a good home and wonderful life.



More to come…