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Welcome to the The Craft-Tea Cottage

Hello and welcome to my cottage! I hope you will have a nice cuppa and stay for a bit.  My name is Sandy and I have the pleasure of crafting all of the items you will see in the cottage.  Since you have popped around for a visit I thought I should tell you a little about myself.  

I have always enjoyed creating and crafting items that may put a smile on someone's face.  From making things with my Mom when I was a child, to designing flower arrangements in a local floral shop, crafting has always been a part of my life.  For many years, friends and family have been saying to me, "You really should open up a shop to share your passion with others".  So I've finally taken their advice and put my love of tea and my love of creating together and voila! "Craft-Tea Cottage" was born.

I have four firm beliefs:

- Always be kind

- Learn something new every single day

- Making a difference in someone life is our life's purpose

- Creativity and tea can always make things better

Add in a good book, comfy chair and my fur-babies and you have my dream life. So I decided, why not make that dream a reality! I endeavor to create lovely home-made items that bring happiness, comfort and a "big hug' to those who receive them.   I have always dreamed of living in a little cottage and have designed my shop and my crafts to encompass that. 

The Craft-Tea Cottage is not only a place, it is an adventure. I would be honored to have you join me on this journey by following my blog, "Tea Time at Craft-Tea Cottage".  It is a space for sharing creative ideas, crafting stories and enjoying plenty of laughter and tea!  Along the way you will get to meet my husband, Carl, our baby girls, Daisy and Mary, and our two baby boys, Samuel and Dean.  I should probably state that Daisy, Mary, Sam and Dean are of the fur-baby variety. They are my heart and my inspiration for many of the items I make.  



Thank you for stopping by, please know that everything here is created by me with love in the hope that it may bring a little happiness to you or to someone you love.  I am so happy you have taken the time to visit my cottage and I am grateful you are here.