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What inspires you? What is your passion?

Sandra Nordstrom

Good morning my lovelies!

What is it that makes you want to jump out of bed each morning?  Is there someone or something that gives you so much joy, that thing that makes you feel like you are ‘home’?  What is that thing you wish you could do but for some reason have not done.  That is your passion.  That is what inspires you to live life. 

It does not have to be one thing either, that may come as a shock to you, I know.  But we are humans, meant to explore and experience this one life of ours.  Our lifespans are so fleeting and we must live it without knowing the end date.  So why waste it?  Why not spend that precious time doing the things you love, or being with the people you care about?

Craft-Tea Cottage is a passion for me.  I enjoy creating items and seeing how those creations can make others happy.  For a long time I thought about trying to do more with my crafting but it always got put aside as a dream or a whimsy.  I would look in the mirror and not see Martha Stewart, so who did I think I was imagining making and selling my crafts?  If you remember I am also a ‘recovering’ perfectionist- so the other thoughts would be- "who would ever want to buy my stuff?"  I am not an expert, I can always find a bunch of things wrong with whatever I make. 

You are not your only obstacle in this.  Sometimes family members or friends will try to persuade you to be safe.  Following your dream does not necessarily mean you will be successful immediately.  But then how do you define success?  Making tons of money?  Being happy?  How you choose to define success will also depend on how you choose to live your life.  Living with passion and joy and responsibly is my choice.

Because Craft-Tea Cottage is an inspired dream that I am making a reality, I hoped to be able to help others find their passion, their inspiration too! So often we get caught up in the day to day living we forget the things that truly do make life worth living.  We hope that by sharing what inspires us, we can inspire you too.  Please feel free to share your thoughts on what helps you live an inspired life.  At least we hope it will help us all remember, in this oh too busy life, why we want to live it.

Remember to always be kind!


Eating: Toast with butter

Drinking: Hot Tea with Milk and Sugar

Watching: Daisy snoozing beside me

Crafting: Metal mesh Tea holders with charms and beads

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