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Building your own Craft Room/ Heaven


The craft room, the place dreamed about by many a crafter.  We all seek that space that is dedicated entirely to creativity.  That place that allows our muses to sing, the glitter to sparkle and the glue gun to burn our fingers - but it is ok because the glitter has found its way into the glue (and everywhere else) - and the beautiful result of this happy accident is glittery finger tips!  But I digress...  Sometimes our craft space is a whole room and sometimes it is a closet or just a set of drawers.  Whatever size or situation your spot for crafting is, IT IS YOURS.  Make it wonderful, make it you!

My ideal space is one of those large rooms painted in soft colors with plenty of windows and light.  There would be plenty of work space / table space and beautiful cabinetry with lots of shelves for storage.  Finally everything would be clean, neat and organized.  BUT if you know me at all then you know, as my husband likes to call me, I am the most disorganized-organized person in the world.  Hey, sometimes you need to stop mid-craft and who has the time to put things away?  We all know that cleaning up eats into our crafting time!  I know you feel my pain. 

The reality is that I am very lucky to be creating a room to craft and grow my business in.  It happens to be the room that was my bedroom as a child...the room I grew up in.  I love the idea that the place I used dream about my life and my future is once again the place I can dream and create my future. 

To begin our dream craft room space, we need the following:

  1. A designated space.
  2. A place you enjoy.  Make this space a place that brings you joy, happiness and peace–decorate the space with things that inspire you.
  3. A work space- whether permanent or temporary, have a place in mind that you can create in.
  4. An area for storage - for the items you need to make your crafts and for the items you have crafted
  5. Time- set aside a time with no distractions for you to be a crafting diva or dude!

As I create my space, I will post updates about the evolution of this room and share with you all what has been successful and what has not (insert dramatic background music)!  The picture I have up now is at the very start. This room was a disaster.  It was supposed to be my study but morphed into the catch all, total chaos room.  I am bit embarrassing but I want you to see the transformation...this is just the beginning!

Please remember to always be kind as you never know what someone is going through. 

Much Love!


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