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Beginning To Blog Again - Mindful Moments


 I have been spending so much time creating and organizing my crafts, that I have not had time to write!  

But that stops now…or starts now however you wish to look at it.  

As I sit here watching "Under the Tuscan Sun", I am captivated by the scene in which Diane Lane’s character first sets eyes on the tall beautiful blonde woman rubbing a baby chick’s soft fluff on her cheek.  This moment in the movie is there to remind viewers to enjoy every single second of life to the fullest. 

How many of us when in a rush to complete the next errand, or when driving to work ever actually see, I mean truly see, what is around us?  How many of us while in the midst of purchasing our goods for the week, would reach out to connect with a baby chick?  How many of us would take the time to thoroughly enjoy her soft, downy fluff as immensely as the tall woman in black does? 

I dare say not many of us or at least not often enough!  But isn’t that exactly what our lives are supposed to be about?  Seeing, experiencing, and finding the amazing moments in the everyday?  Every single day I try to remind myself of this adventure that I am on, building the cottage and creating my life.  Honestly, these amazing moments are not always easy to find in this very human experience of ours.  Sometimes my injured back acts up or I get into a silly argument with a loved one or an emergency comes along that just overshadows everything.  Just a couple of weeks ago, Sammy, our kitten and little devil, had to have emergency surgery.  He is doing much, much better but it was a stressful time emotionally, mentally and financially.  But that is when taking the time to recognize the little moments make such a difference.  Feeling Sammy’s fur growing back soft and thick, seeing him regain some of the weight he had lost and hearing him meow at his brother.  Those moments are just so much sweeter now.Sammy Black/Smoke- Craft -Tea Cottage Furababy


This is just an example of being mindful of the experiences we are experiencing in this life, whether we realize it or not.  One of my goals is to truly be mindful and present in my life.  Crafting allows that.  When in that creative zone, we can focus directly on the process and beauty that we are creating for the world.  It is one of the reasons I love the creative process so much.  As the cottage continues to grow and evolve, my intention is to have more awareness of these instances, both good and bad. 

Will you join me on this journey? 

I would love to hear about your mindful realizations! Then hopefully when the opportunity presents itself, we will be ready to stop and enjoy the delicate softness of a baby duckling's fuzz.  

Baby Ducklings- Mindfulness Blog- Afternoon Tea

Take care my lovelies and enjoy every second.

I am going to go enjoy a cuppa of English Afternoon Tea and enjoy it immensely!

Remember to always be Kind!


Eating: Rolos

Drinking: Water

Watching: Under the Tuscan Sun

Crafting Project: Dog Leashes

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