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Is the Craft-Tea Cottage a real place?

Although the Craft-Tea Cottage exists in the land of the internet, it does not mean that it does not actually exist.  It is a place, right now, that exists in my dreams and I want to invite and share my cozy cottage with you.  Now you may be thinking, that is a lovely thought and this girl seems nice, but I think she has some screws loose here...STAY WITH ME.  I can explain how something composed of computer code with 1s and 0s actually does exist. 

I promise not to get too analytical with reality, psychology, and philosophy, but I have tried to create something that I have dreamed about and I am wanting to share it with you.  I dream of sitting down in some comfy chairs by a lovingly well-worn wooden table, a light tablecloth covering it,  littered with all the tea accoutrements you can think of.  Warm scones that still have some steam wafting off the tops and red raspberry jam - bright and colorful - in a small cut crystal glass that gives off a little sparkle from the sun shining in through the window.  In front of us is a lovely Brown Betty teapot full and slowly steeping some brisk English Breakfast tea. Mixed pattern china cups are awaiting a splash of milk and a few sugar cubes ( I have a sweet tooth!). The temperature of the room is perfect and we are wearing our most comfortable and softest clothing, as this is just a moment in the middle of the day to stop for a few minutes and have an enjoyable spot of tea and conversation.

Craft-Tea Cottage Tea


This. This is the place I want to share with you.  A place where you can come and relax any time you wish.  A place where you may enjoy the warmth and comfort of a cup of tea with a good friend or a good book.  A place you can come to anytime and see the fun things being created.  A place where you can leave the struggles of the day behind, and just be yourself.  A place that embraces you and focuses on the good and kind things in life.  I hope to inspire and be inspired by our gatherings through emails, newsletters, posts, blogs and conversations.  As we share and build this cottage, I also hope you will invite others to come for a visit, but if they cannot, perhaps one of our gifts is a way they can enjoy a little piece of the atmosphere of the cottage right there in their own home. Every time I create something I am envisioning us, the Craft-Tea Cottage and all the wonderful things it holds and will hold within its walls.

Our goal with this blog is the same as our other goals - to share something good and kind.  We hope to highlight each room over time in our 'electronic conversations' to help give your imagination a foundation to build a version of the Craft-Tea Cottage for yourself.


Always try to be kind my friends, and we here at the Craft-Tea Cottage will do the same. 

Love always,


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