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I Tried to make a pin from Pinterest! The Beginning...

Sandra Nordstrom

I love Pinterest.  I can literally spend hours perusing all of the cool things that are out there to make.  When I was younger, I would watch Martha Stewart and the early DIY and Decorating shows thinking about all the ideas I wanted to try.  I still remember being 14 or 15 years old and sitting around the Thanksgiving table explaining to my family how Martha made this awesome barn chandelier out of a round piece of wood, rope, votive candles and screw eye hooks.  Sadly, my home does not have a barn that is in need of a wooden chandelier, BUT Pinterest has given me plenty of ideas that I can make for my home!

Now if you are any type of Pinterest addict at all, you most likely have a billion ideas pinned on neat and tidy boards…but have you actually attempted to make any of these glorious creations?  Well that is what this blog is about, "I Tried to Create a Pinterest Pin".  I am going to give you all of the details, successes, failures and possible adjustments as I take on "The Pin".  Feel free to join me and see how we can begin to craft the items we have just dreamed/pinned about together.

After every trial, I will post here and pin on my Pinterest board: Craft-Tea Cottage "I Tried to Create a Pinterest Pin.” Follow that board plus the others I have under Craft-Tea Cottage!

Happy pinning and creating!

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