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Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionist

Sandra Nordstrom

Hello, my name is Sandy and I am a recovering perfectionist.  It has been a minute since my last attempt at perfectionism.  I said "recovering"!  Not "recovered"!  To all  my fellow sticklers for perfection, you know what I mean when I say this is not easy to overcome at any time but when you are starting a new business, it is truly a struggle.  Putting ourselves out there for the world to potentially judge would make anyone cringe, but for a perfectionist it can be extremely painful.  So how does someone who is so meticulous move beyond this problem?

Well, I have been dabbling my whole life in the craft field.  From doing projects with my Mom as a child, to working in a floral shop, I have in one way or another done some type of crafting in the past forty years.  I decided a few years ago to attempt to sell some of my crafts online through my ETSY store.  I had a tiny bit of success, mostly friends and family.  I know the real reason why it never took off, I did not believe the items I created were perfect.  While making a floral arrangement, I kept coming back and finding a better placement for a flower or some greenery that needed to be covered, or a bow that needed more fluffing.  Since I couldn’t stop critiquing myself, I never fully believed that others would purchase what I had made.

I decided to jump all in, no more dabbling for me!  About nine months ago I found that Shopify would be the best platform for me.  I may have been crafting most of my life but computers and websites are a foreign land to me.  Research was my friend, I have learned quite a bit about editing, social media, marketing and merchandising on the web and I am continuing to learn every minute.  I am glad I took the time, but I could have opened up my shop nine months ago or even five months ago, but I didn’t.  I will give you one guess why…yup, it wasn’t perfect!

I began to realize that the place I am creating, "Craft-Tea Cottage", will be an ever evolving project.  As the business grows with new products, new ideas, and new ways of doing things, it should be something that progresses over time.  If I could achieve perfection, then how could it grow?  Therefore I am going against all my instincts and insecurities and I am opening for business.  It is not easy, my perfectionistic friends, but it is worth it.

Taking risks, potentially being judged and being critiqued are not enjoyable things...we do not go out intentionally seeking them.  But something we need to remember is that we are good enough.  We are.  No matter what feedback I receive, good or bad, I am still and will continue to be good enough.  Good enough for myself.  Every time I "stumble" will be an opportunity for me to learn something new, so how can that ever be bad?  So therefore, my fellow seekers of flawlessness, wishers of excellence, and avoiders of mediocrity- join me in my new found lunacy as a recovering perfectionist- it shall be quite an adventure!

Stay tuned for more confessions of my recovery and the crazy places it will take me.  Please remember, be kind always, you never know what someone is going through!

Much love!


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